Making America Beautiful One House at a Time


About Me

Growing up in the floral industry is where I developed my love of design.  My mom had an eye for beauty and I like to say she could make dirt look good.  My mentors taught me that great design does not just happen.  It is cultivated by being keenly aware of subtlety and nuance.  Little things create impact and define key elements of style.  I like to take the “ugly duckling” and transform it into the “I would have never come up with that idea” moments.

Having champagne taste on a beer budget in the early years propelled me into finding solutions to furnish my newly acquired home.  Having “The Traditional Home” magazine gene caused some angst until I discovered estate and auction sales before they were famous.   Finally, I found the key to finding gorgeous, designer quality pieces that I could afford.   It wasn’t long before my house looked like it could have come right out of the pages of major home publications.  Friends and family were soon asking me to bring “House Beautiful” to their confines.   Subsequently, a second hand vintage furnishings business was born in conjunction with my Interior Design Business.  The thrill of the hunt-- uncovering unique, one-of-a-kind treasures is still one of my favorite things to do while designing spaces for clients.



My dream as an Interior Designer was to work in the greatest house in the land—The WHITE HOUSE.   My proudest moment came when I was selected from across the nation to decorate the WHITE HOUSE in Washington, D.C. for Christmas.  There was no greater honor for me than working on the “Official WHITE HOUSE Tree” in the Blue Room.  Having had the opportunity of using my skills as a designer on the greatest house in America makes me equally excited about working on your home.  (See WHITE HOUSE video under Blog)


My Design Approach

I have found that every home has what I call a “Design Personality”—unique qualities which quietly tell you what its best features are.   Uncovering clues of its architectural personality are a defining element in helping me create an interesting design plan for you.  I have developed a “1-2-3 Design Approach” that involves identifying a home’s design personality based upon:

Step #1—Identifying the interior footprint & most functional floor plan

Step #2—Creating a scheme through color, fabrics, furniture, lighting, rugs, & accessories

Step #3—Developing Curb Appeal with landscaping, arbors, porticos and plant material


The design industry has evolved over the years, and KimE Design has changed also to better suit our client’s needs.   We are a solutions driven company.   You may have one area in your home or business that is challenging and in need of a designer’s advice, so KimE Design has established several divisions to solve a specific design challenges.   Along with full design services, I have added other service options to accommodate clients' requests for improving their situations such as:

  • If You Ask Me—One hour consultations on all things design
  • Tweaked—Giving specific remodeling advice.  Do's & Don'ts
  • The Truth Hurts—Staging advice for realtors & sellers
  • The Finer Things in Life—Florals, tablescapes, and party planning
  • Garden Party—Improving your exteriors with pots, trees, flowers, & trellis recommendations
  • Thrill of the Hunt—Sourcing one of a kind pieces
  • What Better Way to Say Thanks--Designer Consultations as a thank you gift
  • Speak Out--Available for Public Speaking events related to Design & Decorating the WHITE HOUSE
  • White Christmas—Interior Christmas decor and one of a kind mantels & wreaths

Creating unique, one of a kind, functional spaces for clients is what KimE Design wants to do for you.  Please let me know how I can help you reveal your home’s unique design story.  Our mission is to make your home a place you hate to leave and always love coming home to.


I'm a believer that everyone is blessed with a gift.  Realtors--yours in selling houses and mine is making houses beautiful.  Lets join forces! My job is making America beautiful one house at a time.......I guarantee, that my staging advice will make your client's house a standout in the marketplace.  Potential customers will walk in and have a hard time leaving because the atmosphere makes them feel like it's home.

.........and once that sale is complete, give the seller a Designer Gift Certificate for a consultation on their new home.  They''ll be so grateful to get professional interior design advice on creating a welcoming environment for their friends & family, and they'll have you to thank.


Decorating the White House

  • June 19, 2019

This is my first blog post and I couldn’t be happier telling you about the thrill of a life time opportunity I had decorating the White House for Christmas.  How I got there in the first place was a miraculous adventure (See White House video). As a lover of old homes and architecture, it has […]

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