Decorating the White House

  • June 19, 2019

This is my first blog post and I couldn’t be happier telling you about the thrill of a life time opportunity I had decorating the White House for Christmas.  How I got there in the first place was a miraculous adventure (See White House video).

As a lover of old homes and architecture, it has always been my dream as a designer to decorate the greatest house in the land–the WHITE HOUSE.  It’s architecture and historical significance are legendary.  What an honor to be selected from across the nation to work within its walls and roam the very same halls of all our Presidents starting with John Adams.  Historic provenance greets you at every turn and is something I will never forget.  Standing inside of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue–looking out of the tall stately windows onto the WHITE HOUSE lawn is a memory etched in my mind forever.

I was blessed to have worked with my team on the “Official WHITE HOUSE Christmas Tree” displayed in the Blue Room.  A 19 1/2′ foot perfectly shaped Balsam Fir from Montello, Wisconsin took up its regal position and filled the room with its wonderful fragrance.  I now know the secret of creating the captivating scent of pine–cutting your tree three days before you decorate it:))

Scaffolding gave us complete access to every inch of this balsam beauty, allowing us to strategically hang lights, floral picks, ornaments, and blue velvet ribbon from its lush branches.   The First Lady’s exquisite design plan came to life–a magnificent jewel of twinkling splendor.   As a designer–I see a lot of beautiful things, but honestly, this topped them all, and realizing that I played a part in bringing it to life made it all that much more special.  Christmas decorating at my house will never be the same.

The piece de resistance came when First Lady Melania Trump showered all the volunteers with a thank you banquet feast fit for a queen. The WHITE HOUSE staff pulled out all the stops to make us feel welcomed and appreciated for all our hard work.   We were officially guests — like so many invited to its hallowed halls.  Sadly, our work was done here at the “Peoples’ House”,  but I now have treasured new friendships that will last a lifetime and memories I will never forget.   As I walked down the colonnade to leave, I couldn’t help but notice across the WHITE HOUSE lawn the Washington Monument appearing so stately into the November sky.   I got chills down my spine!  This isn’t just a house.  It’s a home for a wonderful family.   God Bless America!

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