• December 3, 2019

I think I was born at the wrong time and the wrong place!  I’m the gal that loves pulling out the china, crystal, Aunt Do’s sterling silver and white lines for Thanksgiving & Christmas dinner–no problem!   It makes me sad today to see that our modern society seems to have embraced an epidemic of casualness.  One and done!  No hassle! Cheapest and easiest way possible are the mantras of living life in the 21st century.  The younger generation thinks nothing of running into the local supermarket to grab a meal/pizza to be served on paper & plastic and call it a day.

Here’s my question:  What makes a day special?  What memories are you providing for your kids?  Why are grandma’s apple pie and stuffing recipes something we should saver?  The answer–TRADITION!!!  It’s become a dirty word in our fast food paced world.  We have a plethora of excuses to lay blame on why taking time out to plan a celebration with friends & family isn’t relevant anymore:  I’m so busy, too tired, no one cares, PMS,  ________insert your excuse here.

EXCUSE ME!!!!!  (as so eloquently stated by comedian Steve Martin).  The handing down of grandma’s recipes, china, crystal, & linens may seem to be a nostalgic and romantic ritual from long ago, when actually they are a part of your roots–memories of your youth to hand down to your own children.  What a beautiful opportunity to share with your kids– the who, what, when, & why of how we celebrate our family’s heritage.  Take a walk down memory lane & tell your kids what you did  to celebrate and why it’s important to keep this celebration alive, mainly having something to share with their kids someday.    Next–is the action of getting ready for the big day by setting the table with grandma’s precious hand me downs.  Bringing up the chairs from the basement, lighting candles,  & selecting a pray to say for grace.

Sure, it’s work, but saving your heritage is worth the effort.  Don’t let the culture tell you that traditions are outdated or too time consuming, so why carry them on.  Companies are banking on you giving up on tradition and throwing in the towel of  taking the time to plan and execute a delicious meal of family favorites.   Big tech is counting on you to text or phone in your fast food order, but remember–no one makes homemade like you!  Don’t compromise on your ancestors legacy.  Come on–don’t be the one to break the chain that keeps your family’s memories and traditions alive and well for another generation.  Grandma will be smiling when you do:)) and yes in the long run it’s ALL worth it cuz that’s what we do for family.

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