Some Friendly Advice–STOP

  • March 2, 2020

In our 21st century world, it’s all about technology.  Our phones are now a permanent appendage, and God forbid we forget to take it with us.  Day ruined because we don’t have a lifeline to Google–the new replacement for God, our parents, and any other person with practical wisdom.   If you have ever needed to use your phone to check out what everyone else thinks about any potential purchase you’re contemplating,  you have what I have dubbed “technology addiction disorder/TAD” (my diagnosis).   You have been taken over by radio waves that tell you how to think in line with the masses.  We use to call it group think, but now the group has enlarged to represent “the world” via the phone.

It use to be originality, uniqueness, one of a kind was something we aspired to, especially in the interior design industry.  For those that don’t have TAD, that still rings true; however, that gadget in your hand has powers that suddenly change sane individuals into zombies who are lured into mediocrity and uninspiring environments.  What are the signs?  Painting every room gray, installing a barn door, applying ship lap somewhere in the house, thinking you are an interior designer just by watching cable decorating channels.  STOP!  Put the phone down and dream about what would really make your home feel like a welcoming refuge you can’t wait to come home to.  Not a carbon copy of social media madness masquerading as sound advice.

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