Pilgrims Progress

  • November 21, 2020

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of the unbelievable story of sharing a meal among new friends of totally different persuasions.  I don’t believe in coincidences……especially when it comes to the Pilgrims story of leaving a place of religious bondage to set sail through rough seas to a place unknown except to GOD.  What are the odds that a people having no money, food, fresh water, heat, housing would wind up on Plymouth (as we know it today), and end up making friends with an Indian named Squanto who speaks their language.  No!  No coincidence here!

Imagine setting off in freezing temps with an ax in hand (no power tools) to chops down trees to build a house for shelter, while running back & forth to the ship anchored off shore, because Holiday Inns weren’t the rage back then.   Mind you–the boat they had to take to land was not powered by a motor either. Have you heard the phrase–“Row, row, row your boat?”  Literally that’s what the Pilgrims did.  Everything was done by hand labor including finding something for breakfast, lunch & dinner.  No McDonalds around the corner that they could get a quick bite to eat.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it, but that’s why I love the Pilgrims.  They were feisty, courageous, adventurous, hard working, passionate bunch of patriots that had a belief in something greater than themselves.

Fast forward 2020–very few of us do anything with our hands these days except maybe paying for that morning cup of brew at the local drive thru.  We are indulged with ease & comfort at every turn and although building a house today requires:  permits, architects, contractor, construction crew, supply chains, the perfect community with national rated schools, parks, the town square with the little white gazebo & a place to grab the perfect cup of joe and a homemade pastry–we give little thought as to how it all began.  The Pilgrim’s progress was intentional & far reaching, and we owe the Pilgrims a debt of gratitude for having the guts to set sail on a remarkable journey that bore America.  Happy Thanksgiving Day to all and be sure to remember how it all started.

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