Have Yourself a Merry Covid Christmas

  • December 17, 2020

Here we are–December 2020–a far cry away from the March two week “flattening the curve” mandate.  We’re still living in “lockdown” prison unless you live in a “Free State”.  Who would of thought we’d be here……..failed businesses, people scrambling to pay the rent, surgeries cancelled, restaurants boarded up, schools closed and a game of face mask cornucopia being played?  If there’s one thing my interior designer profession has taught me is–do your research, so I’m up for a game of  what I call–“Verify”.    The rules are:  #1:  Shut off all national radio, television and Social Media.  Step 2:  Open the computer to sites that give you real facts and statistics on issues you’re investigating.  Step 3:  Talk to people in the know, who are working in the trenches.  I have to admit it’s not much fun, but very educational, and who doesn’t need that especially when the educational system is out of service.  So with all the gloom and doom of the past 9 months, how do we sing along with the Andy William’s song “the most hap,happiest time of the year” and really mean it?

Well, I see the silver lining, or is that Christmas lights and “Silver Bells” playing on the radio?   It appears that most Americans are finished with “Pandemic Fever” due to a heavy dose of “I’m Done” therapy.  “Much to my wondering eyes” I have experienced the revelation of shortages–aka sold outs on freshly cut garlands, wreaths, & Christmas trees.  Wow–I wasn’t expecting that, since who escaped from home imprisonment?    What wonderful news I pondered–“We the people” are out buying to save small business.  Capitalism is alive!  This is something to get excited about–maybe not in the typical sense of everyday life, but in a Covid year of fear and home confinement — that’s some “merry & bright” news.  Bring out the carols and the bubbly–“Happy days are here again”.   The cherry on the top would be a freshly falling snow to cover us with hope and in light of the season–I Believe!  Merry Christmas!

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