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Who Knew?

Buying our first house provided lots of unexpected life lessons.  We were young and had a lot to learn and I was eager and willing to get my hands dirty.  Well, how can that not happen when you’re a rehabber right?   After the black cat & skunk incident, my husband’s obsession was keeping those critters […]

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In the beginning………

Newly married — with little money–and a “handy man’s special” of a house to remodel, I had NO idea what type of adventure I was in for.  Our first house was not the “House Beautiful” dream I had envisioned.  Unfortunately, with interest rates through the roof, my darling husband informed me, “this is all we […]

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Decorating the White House

This is my first blog post and I couldn’t be happier telling you about the thrill of a life time opportunity I had decorating the White House for Christmas.  How I got there in the first place was a miraculous adventure (See White House video). As a lover of old homes and architecture, it has […]

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