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Living in Coronaville

April 2020 The world has stood still!  Life as we knew it 3 weeks ago has suddenly vanished.  People are buried in their homes, instructed only to go out to shop for food and necessities.  The streets look like the rapture has occurred and I’ve been “left behind”.  Welcome to a life living with Corona […]

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This past Christmas season brought me to an awakening………the entire shopping experience has been taken over by what I have named the “Stepford Wives Syndrome” (SWS).  No matter where you go across our fruited plain, you are met with shopping malls selling a prototype of national brands stocked to the gills with the exact same […]

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Some Friendly Advice–STOP

In our 21st century world, it’s all about technology.  Our phones are now a permanent appendage, and God forbid we forget to take it with us.  Day ruined because we don’t have a lifeline to Google–the new replacement for God, our parents, and any other person with practical wisdom.   If you have ever needed […]

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I think I was born at the wrong time and the wrong place!  I’m the gal that loves pulling out the china, crystal, Aunt Do’s sterling silver and white lines for Thanksgiving & Christmas dinner–no problem!   It makes me sad today to see that our modern society seems to have embraced an epidemic of casualness.  […]

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Good Design To Me

Beauty in design emits an emotional response for me.  Good design is NOT expected.  Good design provides alternatives to challenges.  Good design is functional with a twist and incorporates the home or building’s “Architectural Personality”.   All these qualities built upon each other produce a warm and comfortable address that’s memorable for all that enter. My […]

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Who Knew?

Buying our first house provided lots of unexpected life lessons.  We were young and had a lot to learn and I was eager and willing to get my hands dirty.  Well, how can that not happen when you’re a rehabber right?   After the black cat & skunk incident, my husband’s obsession was keeping those critters […]

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In the beginning………

Newly married — with little money–and a “handy man’s special” of a house to remodel, I had NO idea what type of adventure I was in for.  Our first house was not the “House Beautiful” dream I had envisioned.  Unfortunately, with interest rates through the roof, my darling husband informed me, “this is all we […]

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Decorating the White House

This is my first blog post and I couldn’t be happier telling you about the thrill of a life time opportunity I had decorating the White House for Christmas.  How I got there in the first place was a miraculous adventure (See White House video). As a lover of old homes and architecture, it has […]

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